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About Us

Duurzaam Den Haag (DDH) is an independent foundation whose mission is to encourage initiatives from both residents and entrepreneurs to make The Hague more sustainable. We do this by helping residents and entrepreneurs bring new initiatives into reality, by offering services and products which help everybody to immediately become more sustainable and by increasing awareness of sustainable initiatives and the people who work on them. This inspires others to become more sustainable as well. DDH always focuses on our natural surroundings. Our starting point is always a resident’s or entrepreneur’s initiative. By interconnecting these parties and linking them with the municipality, with employers and other parties, we expand the impact of new and existing initiatives that make The Hague more sustainable.

DDH reaches out at the neighborhood level with hands-on, concrete projects – for example Operatie Steenbreek and de Haagse Krach Karavaan- that stimulate, empower and support residents of The Hague to become more sustainable. Residents and entrepreneurs can also turn to DDH with their initiatives for more visibility or to receive support that helps the initiative to gain impact. DDH helps entrepreneurs who want to be more sustainable by reducing barriers to this process. Some examples are: collective purchasing of energy, by solar panels, by subsidies and through financial support by the Klimaatfonds. Other means of aiding sustainability are instigating initiatives and helping build future-proof enterprises. For questions and inspiration to become more sustainable yourself, we invite you to visit our service desk in the central library of The Hague. 

For more information, call us on 070 364 3070, send an email to info@duurzaamdenhaag.nl or read our annual plan (in Dutch). You can also visit our montlhy netwerk event

DDH is your partner in sustainability!


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