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TransitieCinema: Speed - in search of lost time

Documentaire met workshop; over drukte en gejaagdheid in ons leven

Waar: Riviervismarkt 5 Den Haag 2513AM

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TransitieCinema: Speed - in search of lost time

TransitieCinema organizes July 13 the screening of "Speed - in search of lost time"

It’s a paradox. Never before have we worked more efficiently. Never before have we saved time with more sophisticated technologies. But nearly everyone feels they don’t have enough time. 

Florian Opitz tries to track down the reasons for our lack of time and the constant acceleration of our lives. He reveals a disturbing picture of a civilisation that has disposed of all brake systems and goes blindly for unlimited and eternal growth - no matter what the consequences. But Opitz also tries to find the good life. In the niches of the global capitalism he discovers alternatives to the rat race.

18.00 TransitieCinema Dinner by Juni Café in Het Nutshuis
19.30 Screening "Speed - in search of lost time" by TransitieCinema
21.00 Workshop, drinks and informal discussion!

* Admission to the MOVIE is for FREE (but we appreciate donations!)
* Make sure to ARRIVE ON TIME, the doors are closed when the movie starts or the venue is at full capacity.
* The DINNER is vegan and can be reserved online at nutshuis.nl (you can also join without a reservation)
* The movie and event are in ENGLISH (but we try to accommodate for Dutch too)

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