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DISCxTALK - Kirsten Notten

How to use Storytelling while working with Sustainability issues?

Waar: Spinozastraat 38 Den Haag 2515 LT

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DISCxTALK - Kirsten Notten

Organisational Storyteller Kirsten Notten will talk about how to let myths and stories work for sustainability.

The dominant grand narratives or myths we live in are endless economic growth and the human mastery over nature. These stories are deeply embedded in western culture and guide political and daily choices. To change these grand narratives we need to acknowledge them and we need to find counter-narratives.

Kirsten will explore in this DISCxTALK three dimensions of storytelling she uses in her work as a professional storyteller for organisations & communities.

For whom? Anyone who works with environmental issues, policy makers, nature workers, teachers, politicians, climate activists, storytellers, gouvernment workers, public speakers or anyone who would like to learn more on how The Craft of Storytelling is being used in professional fields, all across the globe.

Location: Community garden 'Spinozahof'

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